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C3's 14th Annual Caledon KOS ® Triathlon

14th Annual C3 / Kinetico Caledon Triathlon

All details can be found on the C3 KOS ® webpage.

C3 Clothing Order Deadline - May 10 at midnight

Check the C3 Clothing Order page for details.

C3 Saturday Outdoor Bike Rides

New Location:

We are going to do all outdoor Saturday rides in 2014 from the Lloyd Wilson Centennial Arena in Inglewood starting April 19.

Here are the multiple reasons:

  • We are trying to build a bigger relationship with our bike store and sponsor (Caledon Hills Cycling). They are going to service us and also help perhaps get some new additional riders for the club.
  • The rail trail is right there 100m from the Inglewood parking lot.
  • The general store for fluid/fast food is right there.
  • We are going to organize some BBQs after some rides right in the Caledon Hills Cycling Store parking lot.
  • It's as easy to go from the swim quarry to Inglewood arena (or even easier).
  • It will open up a few different rides we have not done in the past.
  • We can still ride east back to Hwy 27 and some of those rides, we are now just starting at a different location.


  • Arrive between 9:00am - 9:15am or as early as you need to get ready.
  • Bike start at 9:30am.
  • In the later spring, the C3 open water swims will happen before the rides.

Lloyd Wilson Centennial Arena:

Address: 15549 McLaughlin Road, Inglewood, ON L7C 1J5
Link to website: click here
Link to Google Maps: click here
Special Notes: Arena is closed on all statutory holidays.

Hope to see you there!

C3 Tuesdays

Starting soon.
Check here once a week and keep your eye open for our newsletter.

C3 Thursdays

We are still currently running from the Caledon Community Complex.
The brick workouts will be starting soon.
Check here once a week and keep your eye open for our newsletter.

C3 Open Water Swims

We are continually improving the quarry and have more buoys on order.
Expect the quarry to be open late May, depending on water temperature.
Check here once a week and keep your eye open for our newsletter.

   1. New 2014 Memberships & Benefits
   2. Free C3 2014 Season Planning & Goal Setting Session - Mon Jan 13
   3. Free C3 2014 Group Mass Testing Session - Mon Jan 20
   4. Free C3 2014 Weight Loss Program for all 2014 Members
   5. Triathlon Ontario Indoor Provincial Champs - Sat Feb 1


After extensive assessment by the current C3 board and coaching staff, a number of very exciting modifications are being added to the 2014 programs.

Starting in Jan 2014, C3 workouts will have an additional level of coaching at all key training sessions for the entire year. Part of the new era, C3 has contracted Personal Best (PB) to supply coaches at all key 2014 club workouts. This includes all of your old favourites (Sean Bechtel, Hans Porten, Bob Knuckey, Caron & Barrie Shepley, and Trudy Dixon) and additional coaches added over the next 12 months.

New to 2014, C3 memberships will include at no extra cost: group fitness testing, Mega Days, Open Water Swim Series, Simulation Days, Swim Quarry Coaching, Facebook, Twitter, and an interactive website.

Please click here to


C3 coaches will work with all club members to help them plan their 2014 season. Club members with personal goals, whether it's weight loss, making an age group team, hitting the finish of a 10k or triathlon, are much more likely to be successful. C3 coaches have two goal planning days organized in 2014; Jan 13th at 7:20pm - 9:00pm and a second day in May 2014 TBD, to help club members strategically plan their upcoming year with key dates, workouts and methods to ensure a successful year ahead. Plan on being at the important Monday evening Jan 13th C3 Kick-Off Night to meet the new board, get all of the dates, and key club sessions that are organized to help you achieve your 2014 goals. Even if you don't yet have 2014 goals, C3 coaches have many exciting new events and projects you may have not considered before. Those who can't make the Jan 13th planning night, coaches will send you the planning information so you can do some of this on your own.

RSVP TO C3 Barrie Shepley (barrie@personalbest.ca) to confirm a seat at this important JAN 13TH 2014 planning night.

In addition to the individual 2014 season planning, board members will take a few minutes to share their future visions for the club and ensure that your input is being considered in future club planning.


Those who have purchased their 2014 club membership will have these free group testing days included in their C3 membership. Testing days will be Mon Jan 20th and a second day in May (TBD). Fitness tests will be field tests to give members understanding of their starting fitness levels. Individuals who can make the free fitness testing evening should RSVP to barrie@personalbest.ca for more details.


The ten-week weight loss contest is free to all 2014 C3 members. Each week those in the contest will get a free newsletter to help them achieve their weight loss goals. Club members will be on the honour system, weighing themselves at the beginning of the contest and periodically through the 10-weeks and again at the final weigh-in on Sun Mar 23rd.

Kinetico has graciously committed to donating $10.00 for every pound you lose to the C3 High Performance Elite Team to help them with equipment and travel in 2014. In addition, you are eligible for prizes based on every 5 pounds that you lose over the ten weeks.

If you are interested in the 10-week weight loss contest (free if you are a 2014 paid member), you must email barrie@personalbest.ca to have get officially registered. The contest starts Mon Jan 13th.


For the first time in 20 years, Triathlon Ontario is hosting the 2014 Indoor Provincial Triathlon Championships at McMaster University. C3 intends on sending a team of members to participate at this fun, indoor event.

The format is simple. Participants see how far they can go in 15 minutes in a 25m pool, how far they can bike in 15 minutes on indoor electronic bikes, and how far they can run in 15min on an indoor 200m track. Participants score points the farther they go in each event. The nice thing is you don't have to even have a bike since they are provided by the race organizers. Because the entire event is indoors, it's safe, easy to do, and fun. The C3 High Performance Team will be in attendance racing. Click here to register now.

Jan. 1 Resolution Run
C3 Resolution Run 2014

Saturday C3 Spin Classes - New Schedule
We are sometimes upstairs and sometimes downstairs.
Click here to view the schedule.
Click here to view the C3 Spin Class page.

Saturday, November 23, 2013 - C3 Annual Awards & Banquet

We had a great time at Glen Eagle Golf Club with near 150 people attending.

Click here to view pictures taken this night. If you have any pictures to share, please email them to Glenn at glenn@c3online.ca.

We listened to four wonderful people share their stories:

  • Lionel Sanders
  • Sean Bechtel
  • Andrew Yorke
  • Brooke Brown
C3 Lionel Sanders C3 Sean Bechtel C3 Andrew Yorke C3 Brooke Brown

We wish to thank the following people who donated to our silent auction table and sponsored some of our athletes' dinners this evening:
Phillip Adsetts, Kinetico Home Water Systems
Cheryl Mitchell, National Fitness Products of Canada, Inc.
Norman Nadon & Jodi McNeill, Running Free Orangeville
Shane Nixon
Sheila Munch
Dave Weare
Nigel Hudson, Albion Hills Chiropractic
Steve Roberts
The Rasmussen Family
The Reid Family
The Racicot Family
The Yorke Family
Rod & Carole Staveley
Nicola Ross
Serre Financial
Earl Fee
Lisa Petters
Rick Jenner
David Robinson
John Wragg

Click here for the evening details.

Sunday, September 29, 2013 - 6th Annual C3 Caledon Running Festival
C3 Caledon Running Festival

Thank you to everyone who made this a special day!

5KM Results: Chip Time Results
10KM Results: Chip Time Results
Pictures: trishots.com

Quarry Update
The quarry is now closed until spring. We hope you enjoyed 2013!

Workouts Update

Thursdays - A run from the Caledon Community Complex. Meet inside the right doors at 5:30pm for a 5:45pm departure. These are held all winter long, no matter the weather, until brick workouts start in the spring. Come dressed with reflective clothing and lights.

Saturday indoor spins are going on now until the middle of April, 2014.

Sundays continue all year as usual.

New Items on the Classifieds page

This page is easily forgotten but we have new items on there every once in a while. The link is on the right side under Quick Links.

191 Members and counting

Join now with a full tri membership for 2014 and
we'll throw in the rest of 2013 as a bonus!
The complete member list is on the MEMBERS page. Some people are forgetting the most important part - to come out to the workouts!
We know you're busy and training on your own.
We would love to see all of you more often.

Click here to read about our C3 members at Ironman Los Cabos.
Click here to read about C3 members at Around The Bay.

Andrew Yorke, Taylor Reid, and Johnny Rasmussen
2013 Clermont ITU Sprint Triathlon Pan American Cup

Andrew Yorke, 2013 ITU Pan American Cup Andrew Yorke, 2013 ITU Pan American Cup Taylor Reid, 2013 ITU Pan American Cup Johnny Rasmussen, 2013 ITU Pan American Cup
Click here to read the details

C3 Membership 2014

We are now in a new year. Membership packages are being reviewed and we will let you know when ready.
If you have any questions, you can send an email to membership@c3online.ca

Welcome to the Canadian Cross Training Club (C3) website!

C3 is non-profit club connecting athletes of all ages. It promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering multisport opportunities. Cross training activities focus on the sports connected to triathlon: swimming, biking, and running. While C3 counts many triathletes and duathletes as members, we also have many single sport members that want to train in a supportive group environment. Our membership ranges from beginners that are new to sport through to elite level athletes that participate on the world stage. Athletes of all ages are encouraged to work towards their own unique goals and benefit from being able to train with fellow athletes of all ability levels.

Interested in joining the club or learning more? Why not review our Frequently Asked Questions section or our membership information page for more details.

News and Upcoming Events:

Our MEMBERS page has been updated. See who has been added and who has been updated.


2013 C3 MEMBERSHIP registration is open now.
Check the MEMBERSHIP/FEES page.


More news....

The workout schedule offered by C3 changes with the seasons. In the spring and summer, there is outdoor training for swimming, biking and running, taking advantage of the trails, quarry open-water swimming, and hills in the beautiful Caledon countryside. In the fall and winter, there are weekly workouts including spin classes, speed and hill running, and long distance running.

Discover the benefits and joys of training. Be part of the C3 club! Enjoy the comraderie of other like-minded athletes.
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We thank our generous sponsors for making C3 a reality..

Running Free     Kinetico Home Water Systems

Benson Steel     Royal Containers Ltd.    

Personal Best   Triathlon Canada site       Ontario Association of Triathletes site   Ontario Trillium Foundation site
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C3 Club Clothing

Brittany Webster Video 1

Brittany Webster Video 2

High Performance Team says Thank You

Taylor Reid makes All-Ontario Cross-Country All Star Team
Read about it on our NEWS page.

Andrew Yorke Top 20 at World Triathlon Championships
Read about it on our NEWS page.

C3 / Kinetico Running Festival Sep. 30, 2012
Results and pictures are on our EVENTS page.

Read the C3 Summer Camp 2012 report here.

Read about Sebastian Porten's experience at ENDURrun 2012 here.

C3 / Kinetico Caledon Kids Of Steel® May 27, 2012
Results and Photos can be viewed here.

Andrew Yorke in Huatulco Mexico May 6, 2012
Read about it on our NEWS page.

C3 Banquet Dinner 2011
Read about it here.

C3 / Kinetico Running Festival Sep. 25, 2011
Read about it on our EVENTS page.

Andrew Yorke &
John Rasmussen

at the
Ontario Championships July 30, 2011.

C3 Sweeps Belwood Tri
July 24, 2011

Sean Bechtel, John Rasmussen, and Taylor Reid at Belwood Tri Kirsten Vergara at Belwood Tri

Wipeout Canada
Episode 13

On Sunday, June 26th, see our very own C3 Elite athlete John Rasmussen and his dad John Sr. in Argentina. This is a must see. Tell your friends and family!

John Rasmussen

Awards Night 2010

11th Annual C3/Kinetico
Kids of Steel® Triathlon
May 29, 2011

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