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Caron Shepley

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Palgrave, Ontario

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Comments: I am not a natural athlete and I really don’t like competing, but I love training. Sadly it’s hard to keep training if you don’t compete…. so hence my list of races. The accomplishments I am most proud of include my 6 Ironman finishes, my test race on the Beijing Olympic race course the day before the Olympic women’s race (see photo above) and 6 World Championship triathlons. I won a silver medal at the World Long Course Championships in 1997 in Nice, France (but honestly, there were only 5 women in my category.

Caron's 2010 Goals

My goal for the year is to increase my long distance running speed so that I can qualify for the Boston Marathon when I turn 45. Then somehow….I got roped into doing Ironman Brazil! How did that happen???? I don’t have any time goals this year. I just want to keep in shape and have fun…. Oh and torture some people with core and yoga classes.


2010 Races




Pace Partner Training Times


Pace Range

Ironman Brazil




Swim Pace


1:55 - 2:10/100m

Mississauga ½ Marathon




Bike Pace


23 - 30 km/h

1/2 Ironman - TBA




Run Pace


5:00 - 6:00/km

Toronto 10 Miller







A Midsummer Night's Run 15k







Chocolate 1/2 Marathon







Scotia Bank 1/2 Marathon







Hamilton Marathon








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